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Getting to Know the Different Beaches near Orlando

Although Orlando doesn’t really border the ocean but it is also the one that near to some great beaches. Most people that will be visiting Orlando will be spending time on theme parks and other attractions. Whenever you are in the area of Orlando then you should also not miss visiting the beaches that they have. It is in this article that we will be talking about the many different beaches that one will be able to see near Orlando.

The Cocoa Beach is one of the famous beaches in Orlando. Whenever you will want to visit this beach then it is near Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. It is this beach that you should visit once you will be wanting a beautiful place to swim. The Cocoa Beach is a considered as the small wave capital of the world. You should visit this place whenever you will want to learn how to surf.

If it is the Cocoa Beach that you will be visiting then you can do a lot of activities there. When visiting this place then you are able to do things like fishing, volleyball, shopping, and restaurant visiting. It is also in the nearby Jetty Park that you are able to go camping and fishing. There are also shuttle launches that one can experience once they will be visiting the area. Whenever you are in the area then you can also choose to visit the Cape Canaveral and the Space Center.

Another famous beach that you can also visit is the Daytona Beach. When taking a look at this beach then it is too close to Orlando. When you hear the word Daytona then it is known for car racing and spring break. The famous Daytona Speedway is nearby the beach. It was actually in the beach that the famous race started. When you want to do your driving at the beach then you can still do it to this day but at limited speeds. Whenever it is you that will be planning to drive at the beach then you also need to be careful about the dunes. It is also in Daytona Beach where you are also able to do a lot of activities. It is this area that many tourists are attracted to go due to the different activities that they are able to do.

When you will go to the south of Orlando then you will also get visit the Sebastian Inlet. This is a beautiful beachfront state park. When you are able to visit this place then you can do various activities including swimming, fishing, surfing, snorkeling, hiking, picnicking and wildlife viewing.

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